Pacific Armies Chiefs Conference (PACC) and Pacific Armies Management Seminar (PAMS) is a US Army Pacific (USARPAC), formerly Western Command (WESTCOM), initiated seminar which aims at facilitating and enhancing interactions among the Armies of the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions. Each year the seminar is jointly co-hosted by USARPAC and another country from among the Pacific nations.

As a regional initiative, PAMS serves the multifold purpose of:

  1. Assembling the current and future leaders of regional Armies and Security Forces, developing and enhancing interpersonal relations among the attendees, and practicing openness and transparency in a non-attribution setting;
  2. Contributing to regional security and stability through cooperative approaches, including the exchange of information on the agreed theme and topics, and to foster team-building in a syndicate-based environment;
  3. Demonstrating the ability of USARPAC to partner, in a supporting role, with a co-host nation while executing a premier multinational military event; and 4) Enabling the in-country co-host (ICCH) to demonstrate its military capabilities, and to expose attendees to the richness of its people, culture and history.